YOUR Aid Program

The YOUR Aid Program was created for the purpose of giving students in its care a nurturing and enriching child- centered experience delivered at the highest standard of practice. Our goal in keeping with the Advancing Youth Development tools is to prepare students with training that will give them a comprehensive perspective on their lives and the world in which they live in. The YOUR Aid Program seeks to assure that through a high level of positive engagement, students will thrive and have a clear understanding that their self- worth matters.

YOUR Aid Specialization

The YOUR Aid Program specializes in supporting students’ academic and social emotional development. The primary goal is to provide a safe and caring environment where students can explore innovative, enriching activities that foster their goal-oriented process. The Aide will support students with education and achievement requirements that are assigned from the DCPS curriculum framework. The Aide will work with students in every subject to prepare them for life to come. Social emotional development is an integral part of the YOUR Aid Program in which students work to develop the capacity to express, define and understand their feelings and emotions to demonstrate and have healthy relationships with others.


Parents can register students below. Once registered, parents complete an academic needs assessment to determine their child’s needs.

Virtual Learning Plan

The training of each student that participates in the YOUR Aid Program will be a positive and an encouraging experience virtually. For this to sustain, it is important that parents and the Aide have a close operation process that works together to ensure that each student’s needs are met based on school requirements. Students will be most successful when parents and leadership team are in agreement. Commitment and communication are key principles to endorse for the virtual process to be productive and accessible to meet a students needs. Best practices used with all areas of communication include: calls, text, emails and sustaining reading all updated communications that are sent to be well informed.


Every effort should be made for all students to receive the best services rendered while enrolled in the YOUR Aid Program. Therefore, attendance is vital for academic growth and development and it is critical to grade promotion and social emotional development. A United To Rise calendar is distributed to parents in advance and our motto is “ WE ARE OPEN WHEN SCHOOL IS CLOSED”. In every case of absences, staff will support each student with required works upon their return to programming.

The YOUR Aid Program offers:

  • Needs assessment based on what the teachers and school require as a level of supports per individual child and or group.
  • Supports with filling in the education gaps.
  • Support student performance in a virtual classroom and in person- setting.
  • Support parents with student required learning packets and required workload.
  • Serves as liaison between learning management systems based on how the teacher develops or designs performance objectives and goals for students.
  • Support with communications and organizing virtual caseloads with teacher collaboration.
  • Monitoring student learning at home through effective use of learning management systems.
  • Break learning activities into short, video-based modules.
  • Build “extracurricular” learning paths.
  • Offer a personalized approach for virtual recess and social emotional learning. Personalized Program this is tailored for the individual student.
  • Child-centered flexibility.
  • Increase student attendance by 75%.
  • Increase student grade performance by 10 %.
  • Support students with a healthy social emotional development through evidence -based social emotional learning tools.