Advancing Before School

Advancing Before School is a STREAM before school program for students of working parents. Our program provides a safe, supportive, and family-like environment for students outside the classroom.

Our Approach

Advancing Before School’s focus is on the whole child. Along with academic enrichment through homework assistance and tutoring, students are actively engaged in activities and character building exercises to help develop a strong self-image with confidence to face life’s challenges.

STREAM Curriculum

Advancing Before School’s STREAM (Science, Technology, Reading, Engineering, Art, and Math) curriculum is designed to support DCPS common core standards. Our program focuses on experiential learning techniques that allow students the freedom to choose and engage in activities that spark their interest and help to form future career choices. Students are exposed to a wide variety of (STREAM) career paths in a fun and creative environment. Each of our directed enrichment activities supplement and support academic instruction in and beyond the classroom.

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